Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience.

Why should I consider PSYMED?

PSYMED, Inc was formed because of increases in claims of cognitive and emotional impairments resulting from accidents or injuries. We recognize the need to provide insurance, human resource and legal professionals with a specialized service to help determine the validity and compensability of these claims.

What is different about PSYMED?

The difference is specialization. Our niche …psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience.

Why is this type of specialization needed?

Claims with psychiatric and psychological components are both complex and difficult to evaluate. The “usual” isn’t adequate any more.

Why use PSYMED services?

Many organizations provide medical and disability evaluations, but not all experts in the areas of psychology, psychiatry and neuroscience have the training, qualifications, ability and experience level needed to properly evaluate these types of claims.

PSYMED, Inc experts are chosen for their experience in dealing with complex cases within the medicolegal context. They know how to objectively evaluate cognitive, emotional and behavioral complaints and determine if the complaints are valid (actual versus feigned).

PSYMED, Inc experts demonstrate the ability to stand behind their opinions during testimony and are well respected in their profession. Knowledge, experience and competencies within the workers’ compensation and civil litigation systems assure quality.

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